2021 Top 5 Best-Selling Gifts For Anyone On The Naughty List 😏

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We all have those friends and family who are definitely on Santa's Naughty List this year... or maybe every year. They might have a mouth like a sailor (guilty! 🙋), or maybe they're just a "Scrooge". Whatever the reason they'd find their name on the Naughty List, we've run the numbers, and these are our top 5 gifts in 2021 from the Poor David's Naughty Corner.

#1 - The Naughty Home Cook

There is nothing like a confident cook in the kitchen! You know the one... "I make the best [THIS]", or "No one makes a better [THAT]". They always have that "secret" recipe that they just won't give up.
We have just the thing for these naughty home cooks! When they think they are the absolute sh*t, they must be the secret ingredient, right?
For these not-so-humble cooks, the ultimate gift is a matching dish towel, apron and oven mitt set! Click here to shop this best-selling set.

#2 - For The One Who Just Needs to Calm TF Down

The best-selling Calm Your Tits Candle is back in stock! Smells like passive with a sh*t ton of aggressive. This large candle is made of apricot and coconut wax blend with a non-toxic wooden wick that gives you a clean burn time of approximately 70-80 hours!

And the best part is, each Scents of Shame candle is hand poured in Alberta and packaged with care in a coordinating gift box.

To shop the full Scents of Shame candle collection, click here.


#3 - The Naughty Outdoorsman

How could an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) be considered naughty, you ask? Sometimes these folks who just wanna be in the outdoors also just wanna not be doing important adulty things like cleaning or helping the kids with homework. And that's a bit naughty.
Top of any naughty list gifts is always socks. Some might think socks are the worst gift ever, but this pair could be the perfect gift. Plus they come in men's and women's! So you can gift the naughty outdoorsy couple something matchy-matchy. They might love that or they might hate it, but does that really matter? They are on the naughty list, after all... Shop these awesome socks by clicking here.

#4 - For The Not-So Delicate Flower

Not much needs to be said about this type of person on the naughty list because we all know they are the ones with the potty mouth. Maybe a better gift would be a bar of soap for them to wash their mouth out with, but we can't keep these hand creams on the shelf! There's even a matching pair of socks if you like to really make a point with your gifts...
Shop the full collection of the I'm A Delicate F*cking Flower Hand Creams by clicking right here.


#5 - The Person Whose Enthusiasm Scares Others

To the coworker who is stoked to go to all the meetings and outshines you in literally everything, F you. That's a big entry in the Naughty List, if you ask me!
But at the same time, this is the person you always want to have on your side, so you better get her a nice gift. This super popular F*ck Yeah mug will do just the trick. 
Shop this and other naughty mugs here.

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