Heavenly Outhouse Gift Shop InglewoodFor those of you who know the story of Poor David’s, you will understand why betrayal and heartbreak and the strength to overcome them would result in something drastic. For those of you who don’t know the story, it’s not one that needs to be known! Because no matter the past, we are here stronger and better than ever, and to celebrate this we have rebranded!


The story of how our boutique shops truly began has nothing to do with a “David” and everything to do with an Outhouse. A Heavenly Outhouse, if you will.


We are a small business, locally and family owned and operated. You may also celebrate that we are women-led, a mother daughter team. Mother Karrie decided on a career change back in 2008 and happened upon a lovely boutique in Cochrane, AB. Later she found out this boutique was for sale. Surely this had to be a sign, so Karrie enquired on the sale, but she knew she did not want to do this alone.


One business partner ended up backing out after the disclosure that the store’s building was known to be haunted. Which is totally true, but the ghost is also known to be playful and helpful. It’s all true! You can ask for help finding lost items, but also expect shower curtains to be a mess even when no one has been around, and occasional games with lights.


The exact time Karrie’s partner backed out, her daughter Natasha decided to jump in. The purchase of Heavenly Outhouse was made, and the rest, I guess you could say, is history.


Heavenly Outhouse was established in 1995, the same year the photo of the lady in the bathtub next to an outhouse was taken. Since then the boutique shop has been a staple in Cochrane, and continues to be a go-to for unique products perfect for gifting, natural body care, and stylish bathroom décor.


With such longevity in a name, rebranding the boutiques back to their true roots just makes sense. So very soon you will start to see Heavenly Outhouse take the place of what was Poor David’s. New logo, new signs, new business cards, website redirection, so much to do! But we promise the one thing that surely will not be changing is our fun shopping experience in store and online, our service and dedication to bringing you the best products out there.


We hope you enjoyed this little story of how Heavenly Outhouse came to be. We are so very grateful for our customers who love our stores and we wish each and everyone of you a life where you get to be happy, be free and be unique.


Bringing you all your essential non-essentials,


💙 Karrie & Natasha
heavenly outhouse boutique