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The Bee Ball is a glass garden orb, hand blown in Canada, with irregular spikes and bumps, which catch little portions of water perfect for the pollinating bees buzzing around your flowers.

Finding uncontaminated water is a tricky task for these little buzzers, but the glass Bee Balls with their bright colors attract the bees and offer a safe little trough of water where they can take a drink without the risk of drowning. Place your Bee Balls in garden beds, flower pots or anywhere you find those fuzzy black and yellow stripes. The Bee Balls will collect rain and you can replenish them with hose water. #savethebees

Each Bee Ball comes packaged in a gift box with an instruction card. These make the best gift idea for anyone with a garden!

Size: 6-7"

Due to the nature of this handmade product, colors, sizes and shapes will vary and will not look exactly like the product images. This is not a flaw, but the beauty in these hand blown glass items!

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