Our Top Ten Favorite Jellycat Holiday 2022 Designs

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Have you heard? Jellycat Holiday 2022 have arrived! While there are still a few more to come around to our store, you won't want to delay browsing this new selection. The 2022 Christmas collection surely won't wait, so fill yourself with some winter cheer early, well before Christmas day is here and it's already too late. We've made a list and we've checked it twice, these are the top 10 picks of what we think is nice.

1. Ronnie Rockhopper Penguin 

Jellycat Ronnie Rockhopper PenguinHow can you resist a little penguin with a crazy rocker hairdo?! This waddly wonder has silky-soft tufts of black and yellow fur. It's the perfect hairdo for this quirky bird, with soft liquorice fur and an ice-cream tummy. With flappy wings, a rust-red beak and grey suedey claws, Ronnie's a legend.

2. Joy Reindeer

Jellycat Jpy ReindeerWhat a whimsical reindeer! This elegant deer has praline-cream fur, suedey mocha antlers and a sweet surprised embroidered face. With dainty cloven hooves, buttermilk cuffs and a matching fluffy stole with chocolate velvet ribbon. Simply deervine, darling!

3. Mitzi Reindeer + A Reindeer's Dream Book

Jellycat Mitzi Reindeer and A Reindeer's Dream Book

OK I know this is a duo, but there's nothing cuter than a Jellycat with a matching story book to make the perfect gift! Mitzi is not a new addition in 2022, but her book is. In A Reindeer's Dream, little Mitzi shares her hopes of joining Santa's sleigh team. A gorgeous chunky hardback book with a wonderland of pictures, this snowy-sweet story is about trying your best, helping your friends, persevering and finally taking flight.


4. Amuseable Snowball

Jellycat Amuseable SnowballAmuseable Snowball is the roundest rascal, with dreamy-soft coconut tussles! Nuzzle this tubby bundle of hugs and dream of a cosy Christmas. Dashing about in mocha velour boots, this wintry wonder is off to have some outdoor fun. Who wants to roll down a big snowy hill?


5. Jolly Santa

Jellycat Jolly SantaSo many to choose from, but we're only halfway through! Who would we be if we didn't put Jellcat's new Santa on this list? I suspect we might be added to Santa's own naughty list. Jolly Santa is ready to roll in his finest berry-red coat! He's ironed his holly-green trousers and polished the sparkling gold buckle on his belt. With fluffy fleece accents, warm grey boots and mittens, and a bright bobble hat, it's time to take flight!

6. Ditzi Penguin

Jellycat Ditzi Penguin
Jellycat Ditzi Penguin loves to do ice slides and is such a happy hatchling. This chipper chick has cloudy-soft fur in pebble-grey and creamy ruffles, and also available in two sizes! With flappy flippers, scruffly head, a suedey beak and bobbly claws, this Antarctic baby is toasty-warm and ready to waddle wherever you go!

7. Amuseable Snowflake

Jellycat Amuseable SnowflakeWill melt your heart. Jellycat Amuseable Snowflake is all tired out from dancing about on the winter breeze! This double-cream cutie has a happy grin and a beany bottom to sit up well. With supercool squishy detailed branches, our scrumptious snowflake gives comforting cuddles.

8. Lottie Bunny Festive

Jellycat Lottie Bunny Festive

Lottie's ready to celebrate! She's dressed her best in a beautiful scarlet velvet frock to match Mrs. Claus. This beigey bunny has lovely layered skirts, fluffy cream accents and a matching collar. She's even perched a bonny red bow on her lovely lopsy ear! Time to head to the Christmas hop!


9. Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake

Jellycat Amuseable Slice of Christmas CakeA festive showstopper! When you're full of food and feeling snoozy, snuggle Jellycat Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake! Chunky-cheery, this fluffy brown cake has suedey layers of marzipan and icing. With a dapper green and red holly quiff, bobbly boots and a friendly grin, this squashy slice is full of sweetness.

10. Nozzy Polar Bear

Jellycat Nozzy Polar BearLast on our list, but certainly not least! And maybe even the cutest. Jellycat Nozzy Polar Bear just got in from a tussly, blustery blizzard! No wonder this scruffled scamp is ready to flump! With big squashy paws, a boopable nose, petal ears, a cuddly bottom and a teeny tail, our bright-eyed bear is hard not to hug. A fine friend to snooze with!


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