How quickly will my order ship?

Typically orders are picked and packed the business day after your order is placed and then picked up by Canada Post in the afternoon of the next business day. Sometimes orders are picked and packed the same day, and sometimes 2 business days after the order is placed, it all just depends on the current order volume. In general, you can expect your order to ship 2-3 business days after your order is placed. Please allow an extra business day of processing during the peak gift-buying season, October - December.

 Do you ship international?

Yes! We can ship virtually anywhere in the world. However, you need to know if you are allowed to import the items to your specific country as we do not have this information. The USA and UK have agreements with Canada to exempt certain amounts from duties and taxes, but most other countries will charge additional duties and taxes on imported items when they arrive. You will need to contact your county's customs to understand what you will be charged on specific items, we do not have this information. We ship all orders via Canada Post, and they pass off international shipments to the country's local postal service when it lands, so you also need to ensure your local postal carrier is reliable. Additionally, the Pura Smart Home Diffuser app may not work in some international countries. Please ensure you read our shipping policy prior to placing any international orders. 

 Why do I see a charge on my credit card if it said my payment didn't go through?

Boy do we get this question a lot! Banks will reserve the funds when you attempt to make a payment, and unfortunately some banks show this in your account under your pending transactions which confuses many people into thinking their card was charged. If you receive an error message during checkout, your card was not charged. You know your card was charged only if you see the order confirmation screen and you receive an order confirmation email. If your payment attempt resulted in an error, but you are seeing this pending transaction on your account, it will disappear eventually in a day or two because the payment was not successful. You will need to contact your bank for specific details as to why the charge was declined, as the decline comes from your bank. When you submit your credit card information, within a few seconds our system securely sends the details you entered over to your bank and your bank either approves or declines the payment, and sends either the approval or the decline back to our payment processor. The funds will be reserved while this happens, and some banks will show this on your account. Each bank works differently, so you have to get in touch with your bank to determine how long the funds are held when they decline a payment.

 What does "the zip code provided failed validation" mean?

When you submit your credit card information, within a few seconds our system securely sends the information you entered over to your bank and your bank either approves or declines the payment, and sends either the approval or the decline back to our payment processor. If you see this error, it means your bank is telling our payment processor that the billing address does not match the address they have attached to your credit card. This is added security to protect you against fraudulent charges. If the address you are shipping to is different than the address on your credit card statement, you will need to enter a separate billing address for your payment to go through. If you think the address you entered is correct, you will have to contact your bank for clarification. Maybe it's an address error on their end, or they may be blocking the purchase for another reason.

 How do I see the status of my order?

The first email you will receive after you place an order is an order confirmation email. If you don't see this email in your inbox, check your junk! If you don't see it there either, contact us to see what's up. In this email, there is a blue button you can click that says "view my order". This is your personal order status page! You can see the status of your order, plus all of your order details like items purchase and shipping address when you click this button. Once you receive your shipping confirmation email, there will be a Canada Post tracking number inside. This number is a link you can click to see detailed tracking info direct from Canada Post. From their website, you can also sign up to receive text or email updates on your delivery. This is recommended if you want to know right away when your order has been delivered or is ready for pick up.

 Help! The shipping address you received is wrong!

We see this happen most often when people use an express checkout like Apple Pay or Shop Pay because they make it easy to skip over double checking your address info. Like the name says, they speed up your checkout, but this can be problematic if you don't manually check the shipping info entered. This is why we sent you an order confirmation email so you can review your order after it has been submitted and catch any errors like the shipping address. If you notice an error, contact us IMMEDIATELY. We want to correct your address error before your order ships! If you don't catch the error until after shipping, it may still be possible to redirect the parcel, but there is a large fee charged by Canada Post to do so, and redirects are not always successful. 

 Can I cancel my order or specific items in my order, and get a refund?

We understand sometimes things happen and if your order has not already been picked, we can cancel and refund, but there will be a 5% holdback on the refund total which partially covers the processing fees we are charged when you completed your payment, and the fees we will be charged to process a refund. If your order has been picked and packed, but no tracking number has been issued, no changes can be made, but we can cancel, however, the holdback on the refund will be 10% to partially cover the same processing fees, and the cost of the time and care and packaging put into preparing your order and restocking the items which have been reserved for you. If you want to avoid these holdback fees, you can opt for a store credit for the full amount of your order. 

 Can I get a refund if I return my items?

No. We do not offer refunds on returns. We are a small boutique shop and you will find most boutiques do not offer refunds and have shorter return periods. This is because we carry very limited inventory of each item. If you return an item within our return policy limitations, you will receive a store credit once your return has been processed. You can use this credit towards any future purchase, and it does not expire. 

 I have other questions I need answered, how quickly will I hear back from someone?

The only way to receive support with our online store or with an online order is by emailing us. If you have placed an order you need help with, please reply to your order confirmation email so we can easily pull up your order details. Emails are responded to Monday - Friday, excluding most holidays, and you can expect to receive a reply within 1 business day. During business hours, you will often receive a reply within an hour. Please do not phone our retail locations for online support. They are not trained on our online platform and cannot offer assistance. Our retail stores and online store operate on two totally different systems which are not at all connected.