Apple Pie Spirit Infuser

Apple Pie Spirit Infuser

Typsy Gypsy

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Get your Typsy on and make your own infused cocktails with the alcohol of your choice. The beautiful bottles contain premium dehydrated ingredients and delicious blends for a unique flavor boost to your favorite spirits! This Applie Pie Spirit Infuser is made with apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, and pairs best with whiskey, brandy or bourbon.

Does not contain alcohol. Made in Canada!

How to infuse your spirit:

Step 1 : Pour 350 ml of your chosen alcohol into bottle

Step 2: Store in a cool dark place and shake daily for 5-7 days

Step 3: Enjoy your new flavored spirit straight, on the rocks or with your favorite mix. Strain ingredients for extended storage time

*Some flavors may contain flavor enhancers

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