Dreamcatcher Creations Kit

Dreamcatcher Creations Kit


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Create a beautiful and unique dreamcatcher to hang above your bed so that only good dreams can find their way to you as you sleep! Step by step instructions will show you how to use all the fun art supplies in your kit to make your own colourful, personalized dreamcatcher crafts.

 - 1 instruction book
 - 2 dreamcatcher hoops
 - assorted color yarn
 - embroidery thread 
 - ribbon
 - 1 tube craft glue
 - 1 embroidery needle
 - 10 colorful feathers
 - assorted beads
 - 20 craft gems
 - 1 pipe cleaner
 - 2 pom-poms
 - 2 googly eyes
 - assorted pre-cut felt shapes

  • Recommended for ages 8 and up

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